Our Business


Our Dunkin' Experience

Privett Management Group, LLC. operates franchised restaurants located in Florida. Founded in 1999, Privett Management Group is highly respected by our peers in the franchise community. PMG’s restaurants provide great food at affordable prices in clean, well operated stores. PMG restaurants are always guest focused and ensure that every guest excellent customer service.

Our Currency Exchange Experience

PMG had a vision of providing competitive foreign currency rates for the multi-cultural community of South Florida.

Established in 2010, Doral Currency Exchange started providing currency and lottery service to the Doral Community, six years later South Beach Currency Exchange was created to cater the needs of the South Beach Community. In 2019 we started operating as agents of Western Union doing Money Transfers. Our newest location, Davie Currency Exchange, began operations  in 2020, meeting the currency needs of Broward communities.

For over 10 years we have provided excellent customer service and competitive rates to South Florida residents and visitors from all over the World.